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Politicians, Your Paycheck and Your Pension: What You Need to Know

LIUNA members are united by collective bargaining agreements which set family-supporting pay, good benefits and pensions. But across the country, extremist politicians have gained the power to attack what we have earned through our contracts. You, your family and our country are about more than just work – we’re about working to prosper. Our collective bargaining agreements allow us to do that and we must protect them.

Members in Action
Collective bargaining

Collective bargaining is the foundation of your wages, benefits, and working conditions. Without it, there are no union jobs.

 energy policy

An all-of-the-above energy policy - including nuclear, natural gas, oil, solar, and wind - can create millions of jobs and make America more secure.

Highway bill

The federal Highway Bill is the largest jobs-creating law in the U.S. – but Congress has put it at risk. That puts our work hours and pensions at risk.

good wages

America is about more than work – it’s about good wages, a pension and the opportunity to prosper. So-called right-to-work destroys that.