Members in Action

LIUNA apprentices are trained to be Construction Craft Laborers and can take pride in the fact that he or she has a hand in every structure built in this country - below ground as well as above. Laborers are one of the first crafts on the job and the last craft to leave the job.

The Laborers’ Union is a group of people that has come together for the benefit of all. As a Union member, you are expected to be a highly productive team worker that takes pride in your work. Safety, quality, and productivity are the hallmarks of the Laborers Union. When employers use Union Laborers, they know they are employing the most qualified workforce.

Union Laborers enjoy a comprehensive wage and benefit package. The wages are almost always higher than what is being offered to non-union workers doing the same work in the area. An excellent health and dental plan provides quality healthcare for individual members and their families.

The Laborers’ Union also provides a pension plan that can give you a secure retirement. The Laborers pension programs are second to none. Many Laborers are retiring with an income that equals what they made while working. For those who work hard it is a rewarding career.

As a construction craft laborer, you will help build:


Water Mains

Treatment Plants

Light Rail



Commercial buildings

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